About Us - Mercurius Solutions

Mercurius offers a trading platform as a service enabling our clients to automate their trading rules of any complexity and executing them around the clock and across the globe.  Our target audience consists of quantitative trading firms, proprietary trading groups, hedge funds and institutional trading desks of any size and day traders that intend to automate their daily activities.


Although the advance of technology in financial markets opens unprecedented opportunities, it also introduces challenges for participants. Mercurius' mission is to fully unburden clients allowing them to focus on their core business (again). We believe the client's trading platform of choice should make a trader's life easier and automate any daily task where possible. 


To excel in their core business, clients need not bother about the required technology. Instead technology should enable them to implement their business without restrictions. Technology should not be a point of concern, it should be available when needed. Technology should not limit business, it should enable an accelerated  business development. In short, technology should be an enabler instead of a resource  drain. 


Mercurius selects the best available solutions in the marketplace and forms partnerships with its suppliers to offer cutting-edge solutions to clients. Building such partnerships also enables expedited onboarding and a second to none time-to-market for our clients.  

Management Team 

Gert Bijker, founder and managing director 

Gert is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in trading in general and in automated trading in particular. Gert has traded the markets in periods of irrational exuberance and in their darkest hours and is experienced in all aspects of automated trading.  

As a trader in heart and soul, he believes trading firms should be able to offload the entire technology stack in order to focus solely on trading. For this specific purpose, we developed Mercurius: trading technology as a service.  


Dennis Limburg, chief technology 

Dennis is an entrepreneur with over 2 decades of experience in systems design and administration and is specialized in trading infrastructure utilized by algorithmic trading firms. Unburden clients has been his everlasting mantra.