Our automated trading platform is offered as a service, combining application, infrastructure and support in a single hassle-free solution.

Our Software

A feature-rich trading platform optimized for global around-the-clock automated trading in financial securities and derivatives. It is designed from the perspective of a quantitative trader, executing a variety of trading strategies on exchanges across the globe with minimal human interference. Our target audience consists of quantitative trading firms, proprietary trading groups, hedge funds and institutional trading desks of any size and day traders that intend to automate their daily activities.

Our Infrastructure

Nowadays technology is a crucial part of trading. Although the advance of technology in financial markets opens unprecedented opportunities, it also introduces complexity for participants. Mercurius offers clients a hassle-free turn-key trading solution, eliminating the need for specialized IT resources. Enjoy the benefits without the burdens when it comes to technology. Partnering with Mercurius allows clients to focus on their core business.

Our Services

At Mercurius, we recognize the importance of support in the complex space of automated trading. Seasoned professionals stand side by side with you to encourage you to optimally leverage Mercurius' functionality and performance. With a background in automated trading, our staff speaks your language. Excellent support elevates our software to a higher level.

Features by Role

  • General features of the Mercurius application include the following:

    • Truly multi-asset platform designed for automated trading
    • Proprietary wire format allowing very high throughput
    • In-memory design enabling spectacular performance
    • Hierarchical data model for easy data management and manipulation
    • Hybrid market model based on time and market activity
    • All FIX versions supported (FIX4.4 is preferred)
    • Truly broker agnostic (virtually any FIX broker is connected)
    • Full time zone support to facilitate global and around the clock trading
    • Multi-currency trading with base currency features
    • Full support for Exchange Calendars, Trading Hours, Corporate Actions, and Events

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  • Mercurius exhibits unique risk management capabilities including the following:

    • MiFID compliant including Panic button
    • Switch AutoTrade on/off by single click
    • Unique fine-grained limiting system per user and per algo
    • Limits on orders, traffic and portfolios
    • Limits on greeks and notionals scoped to CFI, venue, currency and many more
    • Various pre-defined risk/exposure breakdowns
    • Customizable country specific short selling regimes
    • Extensive user privileging tools, with a pre-defined Risk role

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  • The trader or trading supervisor needs to be able to monitor and control algorithmic trading activities. To make a trader's life easier, the Mercurius application includes:

    • High touch (point-and-click trading) to low touch (automated trading)
    • Interfering with (groups of) algos with a single click
    • Manipulating (groups of) algo orders from UI
    • Automatic Sell to Short Sell adjustment based on inventories and country specific regimes
    • Built-in Locates and Pre-Borrow management
    • Basket functionality to replicate indices or ETF's
    • Customizable UI workspace with adjustable filters and formatting
    • Context menus for fast execution and accessing relevant data

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  • It all starts with the implementation of the client's business logic. Features in Mercurius, relevant for developers, include:

    • Ultimate freedom in implementing business logic
    • Client's business logic is integrated with system for optimal performance
    • Extensive API and support documentation
    • Skeleton code and examples available
    • Customized build tools
    • Subscribe / call-back mechanism to receive any type of update
    • Out-of-the-box tools to query hierarchical data structures
    • Support for native exchange condition code, instrument and market status
    • Dedicated test and development environment with test data and replay capabilities

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  • After the trade, there is still a lot a activity generally taken care of by the back office role. To facilitate middle and backoffice workflows, Mercurius includes:

    • Versatile trade fee calculator allowing multiple fees
    • Automatic creation of cash/tax/security entries out of corporate actions
    • Country dependent (dividend) tax rules
    • Automatic account reconciliation (under development)
    • Automatic creation of regulatory reports (under development)

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Mercurius' mission is to fully unburden clients allowing them to focus on their core business

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